In the business world, but also in society in general, there had already been talk for many years of the digital transformation as an essential motor of change and of the growing need to take a technological step forward in procedures and management. But it is one thing to talk about it and another to take that transformative step towards digitalization.

In this sense, the Colegio de Aparejadores de Madrid (COAATM) has signed an agreement with Signeblock to give a digital identity to the members that will allow the processing of digital models in their BIM design format, providing transparency and traceability thanks to the use of Blockchain technology. The objective is to achieve the optimization of time in each of the phases of the collegiate managements and entities through which an architectural or engineering project passes, with the reduction of terms, generating digital automatisms.

The Blockchain technology together with the digital identity will provide, integrity, agility, security, transparency and traceability, generating automatisms and control of the processes with full legal guarantees.

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The technological tools that will make this possible have already been tested, so the signing of this collaboration agreement immediately starts the pilot phase in relation to the processing of the responsible declarations by the COAATM, for their subsequent implementation.

Signeblock relies on Blockchain for the digital transformation
As for Signeblock, it is a natural evolution of the Signe Group, which has been offering anti-forgery solutions for 40 years and whose main mission is to bring confidence to all those processes and documents it generates.

Signeblock is based on Blockchain, the technology that drives digital inclusion and transformation, to offer integral solutions that can be adapted to the needs of multiple sectors and areas of the company, guaranteeing the immutability and traceability of the information exchanges that take place.

This company has GOUZE. A PaaS platform (Platform as a Service), based on Blockchain and ioT, which makes possible the digital understanding in a non-invasive way and allows companies of any sector and size to connect and digitize in a simple and safe way their business processes, offering traceability, transparency and reliability, thus avoiding the distortion of information, their most important asset.

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Through the digital enabler of the GOUZE platform, based on Blockchain and IoT technology, it is possible for digital models to become the carriers of their own information throughout their entire life cycle. In this way, administrative processes become part of their history and not as a parallel, unconnected process.

Colegio de Aparejadores de Madrid pioneer in digital transformation at a national level
This new system improves the value proposal of COAATM, a pioneer at national level as a professional grouping in digital transformation. All the professionals and entities that carry out their procedures in the future will benefit from a personalised information service on the particular state of urban development procedures.

A personalised information service on the particular state of urban development procedures. Another novelty is the issuance of qualified digital identities to members as this agreement involves the action of COAATM as SIGNE’s Registration Entity.

This accredits it as a Trusted Service Provider recognized by the State Secretariat for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, according to EU Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS Regulation).

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The system is based on the combination of key elements such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), Bitcoin Code and the digital identity (Qualif_ID). BIM, is a collaborative working methodology for the creation and management of construction projects that allows the incorporation of all its agents.

From the Colegio de Aparejadores de Madrid, they have always been committed to the application of new technologies in the building sector, facilitating agreements such as the one they have signed, which pursue the application